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Cisco ITD is Best of Interop 2015 Finalist

April 16, 2015 - 10 Comments

Transforming Cisco switches into highly scalable zero latency load balancers! Cisco Intelligent Traffic Director (ITD) does exactly that and much more!

Cisco ITD  has been selected as Best of Interop 2015 finalist in the Data Center Category. Finalists were chosen from nine categories including Data Center, Mobility, SDN and Cloud Technologies.

Cisco Intelligent Traffic Director (ITD)  is an innovative solution to bridge the performance gap between a multi-terabit switch and gigabit servers and appliances. It is a hardware based multi-terabit layer 4 load-balancing, traffic steering and clustering solution on the Nexus 9K,7K,6K,5K series of switches. Customers do not have to buy any new hardware. It works on all the existing hardware, linecards and supervisors.

Here are some of the quotes from customers, account teams, industry analysts and architects:
“Great milestone Samar Sharma, Mouli Vytla, Rajendra Kumar Thirumurthi  and team! We are very grateful for the work you guys did with pioneering and driving this new solution!”

ITD  helped us scale to 1Tbps of cache traffic in single Nexus 7700 ”

“This feature seems almost too good to be true! I am very excited about it.”

“Customers really enjoyed the time and the subject. They said it was the best presentation of the week at Cisco Live”

“Turns out we likely have a far superior solution in ITD  that we can bring to the table.  One of our web space principles is ‘state is the enemy of scale’ and ITD aligns very well with this mentality without sacrificing too much flexibility or control. It is still early in our conversations but we are confident that ITD will play a strategic role for scaling services”

Click  to find out more! You can also visit Cisco Interop Booth at Interop Las Vegas to find out about Cisco ITD Solution!

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  1. ITD looks very promising for us, especially as we look to migrate off of ACE for L4-based load balancing. We’re not interested in purchasing NetScaler – but if we could leverage ITD, and get some L7 probe capability (basic functionality… send an HTTP GET, expect a result code), we could continue to use Cisco for our load-balancing needs, rather than transition over to F5.

  2. Great networking loadbalancing service directly available on switch. Great work!!

  3. Way to go team ITD!

  4. Congrats, ITD and UCS Teams! #BestOfInterop

  5. Great news. Is it supported on Nexus 5600? I am working on opportunity wherein customer is having similar requirement wherein ITD can fit in.

    • Hi Satish, thank you! yes ITD is supported , you will need L3 daughter card support on the Nexus 5k/6k. Please email our itd mailers , we can discuss your usecase in more detail.

  6. is Cisco Nexus 9K going to support ITD ? the current docs show ITD supported on 5k,6k and 7k.

  7. Thanks for the info.
    Can’t check the Demo. What sort of privilege is required?

    • Hi Murilo, Thanks for pointing that out, I think the link is not working, I will fix and update the article soon. Regards Avni