Over 1500+ New HyperFlex Customers

Greetings! We can’t believe Cisco Live US is already around the corner. Cisco HyperFlex continues to see rapid adoption with now over 1500+ customers across new industries and our current customers continue to scale-out their hyperconverged (HCI) footprints with the new high-performance HyperFlex All Flash nodes. HyperFlex is the hyperconverged platform of choice for customers around the world such as Bellevue Bank for their VDI trading desk environment, the Lewis & Brisbois law firm in Los Angeles for Citrix VDI, and for education customers such as Hanyang University in South Korea – which is the very university my grandfather studied architecture in the 1950’s!

In addition to the advanced performance and features in the latest HX Data Platform release, we continue to bring new innovations to our customers with hybrid cloud solutions on HyperFlex with CloudCenter and new systems to rapidly deploy and provision VDI with our membership in the Citrix HCI Workspace Appliance Program. But talking with our customers we’ve heard a common request, they all love Cisco’s approach to hyperconvergence and want to deploy the same infrastructure simplicity in the edges of their operations going beyond their core data centers.


Introducing HyperFlex Edge for Remote and Branch Offices

HyperFlex is getting fully Edge-y with the new HyperFlex Edge HX220c nodes for Remote and Branch Office deployments (ROBO). These Edge configurations are designed specifically for the unique performance, availability, and economic requirements in ROBO environments. HyperFlex now offers a common hyperconverged platform from your core data centers and out to the edges of your operations. HyperFlex Edge is a perfect platform to standardize on all your unique ROBO environment types. The best feature of HyperFlex Edge is that it works with your existing ROBO networking and doesn’t require dedicated cluster fabric interconnects. You’re going to love it!

Cisco HyperFlex Edge features:

  • Single or Dual processors options
  • 128 GB memory per Edge node
  • SSD Caching with 3 to 6 HDD’s drive option per Edge Node
  • Three Edge nodes that connect directly to 1 Gbps networking

Learn more in the HyperFlex Edge At-a-glance.

Cloud-Composed Chic for the Edge

With the introduction of HyperFlex Edge the scale of HCI management rapidly increases from managing several clusters in the core to now dozens or hundreds of Edge deployments. Next week at Cisco Live, we will be unveiling Project Starship which brings next-generation cloud-based management to the UCS and HyperFlex portfolio. Cloud-management of HyperFlex delivers faster deployment, simplified operations and richer analytics that are especially powerful in a multi-site Edge environments.

The combination of Cisco’s Project Starship and HyperFlex makes Hyperconvergence Edge-y and turns Management Chic. Stay tuned for more on Project Starship from Cisco.


Experience HyperFlex and Preview Project Starship from Cisco Live US 2017

Learn how Cisco Redefined Hyperconvergence (recording) from Cisco’s SVP/GM of the Computing Systems Product Group, Liz Centoni. Liz will share about the unique approach Cisco has taken to hyperconvergence and the resulting industry-leading performance. She will also discuss Cisco’s unique ecosystem approach to delivering Hybrid and Multi-cloud experiences to hyperconverged deployments.

(Hyperconverged Infrastructure Redefined, Session ID: INSDCN-1017, Tuesday, Jun 27, 5:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. | World of Solutions, Innovation Showcase Theater, Booth # 2449)

Hear from Your Industry Peers (recording coming soon) transforming their IT operations with HyperFlex and get the latest details on the features and performance enhancements of the HX Data Platform.

(The Next HyperFlex Release is Arriving This Summer: Simple, Yet More Fully Loaded Than Ever!, Session ID: PSODCN-1250, Thursday, Jun 29, 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. | Level 2, Mandalay Bay B)

Get a Preview of Cisco Project Starship (recording coming soon) and get the details on Cisco’s Next-Generation Intelligent Cloud-Based Management for UCS and HyperFlex.

(Cisco UCS: The Road to Full-Potential Automation, Session ID: PSODCN-1185, Tuesday, Jun 27, 12:30 p.m. – 1:30 p.m. | Level 2, Mandalay Bay K)

Deepdive into the HyperFlex Data Platform (recording coming soon) and the built-from-scratch approach Cisco has taken to developing a file system specifically for hyperconvergence and to power a wider range of business-critical workloads.

(HyperFlex Data Platform – Technical Deepdive, Session ID: BRKINI-3010, Wednesday, Jun 28, 8:00 a.m. – 9:30 a.m. | Level 2, Breakers CD)

Experience the new HyperFlex Connect management interface & see the new HyperFlex Edge and All Flash Nodes

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Eugene Kim

Product Marketing Manager

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