Cisco Achieves SAP HANA Certifications for Unified Computing Systems Mission-Critical Servers

Cisco has received SAP HANA certification for its Unified Computing Systems (UCS) mission-critical servers with the Intel Ivy Bridge chip set.  All of these products are now listed on the Product Availability Matrix from SAP.  These servers will accommodate memory sizes from 128GB all the way to 2TB on the rack mount C460 M4.  A small 2T Scale OUT configuration can be implemented using 512G B260 servers with an external EMC VNX5400 persistant storage, and  up to 16TB can be achieved using the B460 or C460 models with EMC VNX5400 persistent storage.

C460 M4    B460M4    B260M4
C460 M4                       B460 M4                         B260 M4

SAP HANA is an in-memory database product that SAP began shipping 3 years ago.   Their customer base has been growing consistently over that period of time.   Cisco began shipping their line of UCS servers 4 years ago,  and has risen to the #1 blade server in the Americas according to IDC and #2 blade server worldwide.   There has been a meteoric rise as customers have embraced the full integration with Cisco’s market-leading networking products.   SAP customers that use Cisco’s UCS for their SAP HANA installations and for SAP ERP installations in an Integrated Infrastructure manner, are realizing a 30 to 35% operational cost savings in their SAP Data Centers.

The Intel Ivy Bridge chip set has provided another leap in speed and efficiency in the x86 server marketplace.   Cisco is taking full advantage of these features as the UCS mission-critical servers are deployed for Cisco/SAP customers world-wide.

For more information on Cisco and SAP Hana see below:

You can discover the full range of support for SAP and SAP HANA at https://cisco.com/go/sap


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