The following is an excerpt from the 2019 CSR report.

For the last 35 years, Cisco has defined innovation, reimagined connections, and pushed the limits of what’s possible. We helped build the Internet, and the Internet changed everything. Now anything and anyone can be connected, creating infinite possibilities for creative collaboration, smart cities, education, healthcare, and more. In these last few decades, we’ve seen technology do amazing things, transform experiences, and improve the lives of millions.

However, even with this progress and prosperity, many still struggle, and the inequality gap continues to widen. Nearly 10 percent of the world’s population lives on less than $2 a day. These individuals are challenged to meet even the most basic needs, let alone benefit from the digital revolution. This type of inequality is solvable, but it’s going to take governments, community organizations, and the private sector all coming together to make a meaningful and lasting impact.

At Cisco, we want to build a future where technology helps people everywhere reach their potential and creates a better world for all. partners working to end global hunger to nonprofits addressing homelessness in Silicon Valley. Within our own company, we continue to transform our culture—driving diversity and inclusion throughout our entire organization and implementing sustainable business practices to reduce our environmental impact. We also encourage and accelerate our employees’ passion to do good in the world by providing time off to volunteer and a matching donations program.

Cisco has long understood that social responsibility must be an integrated piece of our overall business strategy and that there is a clear connection between a healthy business and a healthy community. They are not mutually exclusive, and now it’s more important than ever that we all realize this and collectively come together to shape inclusive economies and cultures and extend opportunities for all.

  • With 2.15 million students in 180 countries participating in Cisco Networking Academy in FY19, we exceeded our goal of reaching 2 million students per year through this program by 2020
  • 469 million people were positively impacted by our cash grant investments and signature programs
  • 51 percent of employees donated or volunteered in fiscal 2019
  • We made progress toward our FY22 goals of reducing our GHG emissions, increasing our use of electricity from renewable sources, and improving product energy efficiency

You can learn more about the actions we’re taking—and how we hold ourselves accountable to the universal principles embodied in the United Nations Global Compact—throughout this report.




Chuck Robbins
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Cisco Systems

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Jennifer Boynton

Corporate Social Responsibility Content Strategist

Corporate Affairs