Cisco Networking Academy to Partner in Cuba

March 21, 2016 - 24 Comments

Today, we are pleased to announce that Cisco will begin a new relationship with the Universidad de las Ciencias Informaticas (UCI) of Cuba, with the intention of bringing the Cisco Networking Academy program to UCI students.

Networking Academy is an IT skills and career building program for learning institutions and individuals worldwide. It is the first program of its kind to launch in Cuba since restoration of diplomatic relations in December 2014. As part of the Letter of Intent signed by Cisco and UCI, Cisco intends to donate equipment and to provide a grant to train initial instructors at UCI and provide the necessary operational support.

I had the pleasure of visiting Cuba in the fall of 2015. The people were welcoming and warm, and excited about the opportunity to collaborate. Like every country, every city, and every business around the world, Cuba is approaching the challenge of digitizing its economy as an opportunity for its country and its citizens. I met with the UCI leadership team, and their work to accelerate technology-based startups and incubate software applications was impressive.

UCI is a leading national university specializing in software development, key to the digitization of Cuban society. Their mission is to train professionals who are committed to their homeland and highly qualified in the field of computer science. This corps of IT professionals will produce applications and services that are foundational to building Cuba’s technology industry.

It can’t be overlooked that two years ago, Cisco Networking Academy and UCI could not have formed this partnership, which is based on a mutual ambition to make technology education accessible to any student who wants to learn. Digitization is creating a need for true partnerships to solve technology challenges quickly and effectively.

Cisco Networking Academy aims to improve the IT and career skills of millions of people around the world. We accomplish this by delivering our curriculum through partnerships with government agencies; social benefit organizations; and academies in schools, colleges, universities, and communities centers. Over 1 million students worldwide participated in the Cisco Networking Academy program in 2015.

We are proud of the impact that Networking Academy has on students’ lives. In exit surveys of students completing courses through Cisco CCNA 4 or higher, over 90 percent of respondents reported that participating in Networking Academy led to job or educational opportunities including a new job, a better job or promotion, increased responsibilities, deciding on a program of study, or pursuing more education. Also, 94% indicated that the skills they learned were important for their jobs.

We are confident that our partnership with UCI will impact students’ lives in the country and will ultimately result in higher employment opportunities.


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  1. Congratulations to Laura and Networking Academy Program!

  2. I am in WW Distribution and would love to help UCI to build and launch the Networking Academy and to help develop relationships with partners in Cuba.

  3. Major steps for Cuba’s growth

  4. Networking beyond closed borders can be a driver to democracy. Great to see Cisco leading the way.

  5. Great to know that Cisco is spearheading the CSR /Tech Education effort in Cuba! I am a proud Cisco employee. Thanks Laura and Team for sharing and making this a reality! Hope its one of many more to come!

  6. What a great opportunity and fantastic it was highlighted in Cisco360. Way to go Laura and team!!

  7. I was once a CCNA Academy instructor, please count on me and let me know if I can help in any way … Plus Spanish is my first language
    Love the corporate responsibility!!!

  8. Great news! I hope this will translate slowly into better economic opportunities for the Cuban people and a more open fair society. A long way to go, but we have to take the first steps.

  9. I am glad to know about this program in Cuba, and would be a pleasure to be part of this.

  10. May I have additional details… When will the program commence? How many students? What type of facility? Equipment? Cost to Cisco?

    Thank you!


  11. Proud to see Cisco extend its support for education and technology in Latin America. I’d love to help!

  12. This is great news and it implies a Cuban willingness to be open to competition in the infrastructure market. In the early days, Cisco equipment was used in Cuba, but today Huawei is dominant, see Cisco-certified graduates will be ready to work with Cisco equipment.

  13. This is great news.

  14. Nice people, Nice experience. Nice job. Let’s do better.

  15. Great opportunity for Cisco Networking Academy and Cuba!

  16. What great news for Cuba and Networking Academy!

  17. Laura – thanks for sharing this great experience in Cuba.
    In EMEAR we still have some embargo territories like Iran, Syria, Crimea which I hope we will see open for Cisco Networking Academy which can bring great offer to the society in the partnership with public education

  18. How is it possible that Cisco starts a collaboration with UCI when those poor guys doesn’t know how is made an ethernet cable and even worst what is the OSI model.
    Telecom engineer is on Cujae!!!

  19. That’s good news!!! It would be nice if we could access to the site of the Networking Academy from Cuba because now there is sign saying
    “You are not authorized to view this url.”

  20. Laura

    It was exciting to hear about CISCO Academy opening in Cuba. I am one of the 350 licensed African American Female Architects that exist in the entire North America. I am also Jamaican. My focus in architecture is both technology and sustainable development and nothing would be greater than to work with Cisco to design and build this facility in Cuba.

    If not me, then please, please reach out to the Oscar Perez, a Cuban Architect and Principal at Cooper Carey. A great person, deeply committed to Cuba and a great architect.

    If not Oscar, please reach out to the Latinos in Architecture (LiA). They would, I am sure, be just excited to be a part of this.


    • Thanks June. Our model is to partner with academic institutions that use their existing facilities to host the Networking Academy program.

  21. Huge step for Cuba and the Networking Academy program! Glad to see we can continue to impact new student lives through this historic partnership.