The pace of business meetings today demands a new level of communication ability. It’s not enough anymore to sit in a meeting room around a conference call speaker or try to attain synergy by email. Busy people need a fully interactive experience to collaborate and communicate. They need to see body language, hear clear conversations, work on documents together in real time, and achieve their objectives without technology getting in the way.

This is why I am so proud to share with you the ongoing praise for Cisco Webex Meetings, especially when it comes from unbiased industry experts and journalists. These are people who bear the responsibility of assessing the numerous products on the market to ensure that you and your teams invest wisely.

In his most recent post, Webex Meetings or Zoom? Peering into Performance, posted January 10, 2019, at NoJitter.com, analyst Zeus Kerravala performed a side-by-side comparison of Webex Meetings and Zoom. His positive assessment of the Webex Meetings interface, and equally importantly, its powerful communications backbone, reflects what many other clients and researchers have said: the new Webex Meetings works, and works better than others in this space.

Zeus was impressed by the Webex Meetings easy-to-use interface. That makes sense. It’s part of the new Webex – a one-button-to-push approach to seamless collaboration. He liked its “tight integration with hardware endpoints, the ability to move between meetings and teams apps, and…slick artificial intelligence and machine learning features.”

But he was equally impressed by what he saw under the hood: dynamic quality control that ensured quality of image and sound even during periods of high network traffic. Because that’s where the rubber hits the road. As he writes in his post, “all online meeting platforms will provide a great experience when network conditions are ideal. What’s important are when conditions aren’t perfect: Missed words, blurry video, and an inability to study body language could make the difference between a right decision and a wrong one.”

We are hearing this more and more these days. Customers who are impressed and delighted by the reliability and scalability of Webex Meetings, along with its easy functionality. We expand upon this over on our Webexceptional page here, but a summary of our customer comments reads like this:

  • “The competence and trust-level of knowing that Webex works well every time is the most important thing to me.”
  • “Webex Meetings tools are the cornerstone of what we use in our classrooms.”
  • “From a security compliance perspective… we can use Webex for everything.”

I put this down to two significant features that turn Webex Meetings into a tool that no company can afford to ignore. First, there’s the human side. We have replaced awkwardness with smoothness. Complex log-ons with one-touch convenience. Dedicated meeting spaces with seamless device-to-device transfer, and most importantly, clarity of communication and meaning.

And then there’s the pipeline, our dedicated and extremely powerful global backbone which provides measurably superior security and reliability than what you will find on public cloud-hosted services, with lower costs to boot.

I am proud of being able to share the unbiased observations of industry experts like Zeus because that’s what he’s there for – to make sure your time and money are invested wisely. Read Zeus’s article here. I expect 2019 to be a year in which top-tier team collaboration will become a vital competitive advantage to enterprises worldwide, and Webex Meetings will be leading the way.

Be sure to watch Zeus’s favorite video about Webex Meetings:




Aruna Ravichandran

Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer

Webex Collaboration