My wife and I recently ordered some clothes online for our children. My youngest son was particularly excited about a Marvel Avengers t-shirt he’d picked out. Imagine his disappointment when the order failed to arrive!

After several days and several email exchanges with the online retailer’s customer-service team, it became clear that our items had been lost somewhere in the retailer’s warehouse.

In the end, our local department store came to the rescue. My son is now happily running around wearing his new t-shirt while trying to solve the perhaps biggest of all dilemmas: Team Iron Man or Team Captain America?

Fortunately, experiences like the one above are becoming less common, thanks to companies like Impinj. Impinj is a leading provider of RFID tagging solutions, working to help to transform businesses in retail, healthcare, manufacturing, and supply chain. Impinj says that its solutions help companies to accurately manage assets and inventory, and create engaging shopping experiences.

But what helps to keep Impinj’s business on track?  The answer, in part at least, is Cisco collaboration technology.

A 200-person organization based in Seattle, Impinj is growing quickly in the highly competitive Internet of Things sector. To stay ahead, Impinj needed a system that would let its employees communicate and collaborate quickly and reliably.

Impinj implemented a collaboration solution based on Cisco Business Edition 6000 and Cisco Collaboration Meeting Rooms (CMR). It allows employees to communicate and collaborate anywhere, using any device with voice, messaging and high-definition video. Benefits so far include:

  • $450 reduction in IT costs per new employee
  • Increased productivity due to 50% reduction in travel
  • Improvements in staff satisfaction
  • More effective meetings, contributing to faster decision making and product development cycles

“I love the new collaboration tools,” says Eric Brodersen, chief operating officer at Impinj. “Some of our best remote meetings ever happened today.”

Many other small and midsize businesses are also seeing real benefits using video conferencing to support their growth. A recent Techaisle study, “Video-Enabled Collaboration and Business Growth: The Winning Combination,” reports that 75% of high-growth businesses use video-enabled collaboration. That’s 1.3 times the use rate reported by low-growth businesses.

In the study, high-growth, innovative businesses experience were significantly more likely to report more of the following benefits from using video:

  • Faster decision-making
  • Improved employee productivity
  • More personal interactions
  • Seamless exchanges of ideas
  • Better teamwork

The report goes on to discuss the different use cases of video across corporate functions.  It also examines the essential attributes of a video solution that IT decision makers and lines of business users are looking for.

Download the Techaisle report to learn more.

Learn more about the report’s findings:
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Read the full Impinj case study to learn more about collaboration is improving its business.


Andy Johnston

Solutions Marketing Manager