I’m really excited for next week’s Enterprise Connect in Orlando. Why? Because this show is so focused on what matters most to us: Collaboration.

We’re looking forward to having you experience our latest products in our demo area. Because it is all about the experience with us.

I find that more than ever, I’m focused on experiences – creating great experiences. We want our products to go beyond being business tools to becoming a natural part of how you interact and collaborate. To help you work faster, smarter, more productively.

Experiences matter. Think about how digital technology has transformed different experiences.

For millennials, this may sound like ancient history, but not so long ago, the only way to see a movie was to go to a movie theater. If you wanted to see Star Wars when it was released (the first time), you stood in line for hours to get a ticket to sit in uncomfortable seats with a few hundred other people. Now, you can hold movies in your hand and watch them on a mobile device. Digital transformation has taken us from uncomfortable theater seats to the couch at home – or the coffee shop for that matter.

It’s amazing how much the experience has changed – and how quickly. It’s still about watching a movie. But now you decide when and where and how. The experience has evolved from passive to interactive, from someone else’s schedule to yours.

And it’s all powered by amazing technology: cloud platforms and deeper integrations between hardware, software, and networks.

One Tool, One Experience: Cisco Spark
We’re at the same turning point with enterprise collaboration experiences. We move between multiple modalities: casual messaging, real-time, messaging, ad hoc meetings, formal meetings, and so on all of which make up your workstream. Bouncing between them doesn’t foster productivity or innovation.

The solution isn’t better screens, faster meetings, or better voice quality. The best experience is one that seamlessly connects your workstream. Bottom-line: seamless, integrated solutions drive better outcomes.

Meetings, messaging, and calling are in our DNA here at Cisco. No one has a better perspective of the entire workstream continuum than we do. And that’s why we built Cisco Spark. One tool that brings together meetings, messaging, and calling, with world-class hardware into one fluid flow, with no compromises.

With Cisco Spark, you can stay within your workstream – it’s easy to collaborate and easy to work when your tools work the way you do. You get an amazing experience leveraging the best technology available.

Data Privacy
Behind the experience is encryption… robust and end-to-end. As a user, you don’t see it, but it’s there. It’s transparent. It doesn’t interfere with your experience.

But Cisco Spark was built for enterprises – and they demand data privacy at the same level that they had with on-premises deployments. And that fits their established procedures for compliance and security. This is why we’ve had data privacy in mind since we started designing Cisco Spark. And it has been a part of the underlying fabric, the platform, and the product since the beginning. Which makes the enterprise very happy.

What’s Next?
We have great technologies at our disposal right now, better than ever before. And we are at a perfect moment with new tech: Greater acceptance of cloud, artificial intelligence becoming mainstream, speech recognition appearing in all sorts of devices. All this technology has the ability to make collaboration experiences even better.

Cisco Collaboration is all about incredible continuous innovation: extending the platform, integrating more workloads, and creating more magical experiences that you love.

What’s next? Get the latest from Jens Meggers in his keynote at Enterprise Connect. Join us or register to watch live online on Tuesday, March 28 at 10:00 a.m., ET.



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