With the near year come new resolutions.  For many people, among those at the top of the list is getting a new job.

For human resources leaders, the resolutions may be to get more creative to find new talent, and to retain and grow the existing talent. This challenge is even greater when you are attracting a new generation of workforce.

By 2015, millennials will make up 36% of the American workforce. They are more mobile than previous generations; they want greater choice on how and where they work.  They feel comfortable with technology and they’re used to being connected and collaborating all the time.

Video conferencing is one of the best technologies HR can use right away to attract, retain, and develop millennial employees.  Once seen as a nice-to-have, video conferencing for business use has come a long way.  It’s no longer just a big, expensive system in a large conference room where you need IT’s help to get it to work, nor is it relegating to consumer-grade video chat, bypassing IT.  For businesses that use the right video conferencing solution as part of their overall communication tools, they see an immediate business impact.

Here are six top benefits we see from our customers:


  1. Attract talent. 78% of millennials state that they are strongly influenced by how innovative a company is when considering employers. (Deloitte University Press) 
  1. Shorten time to hire. Using video delivers 35% greater year-over-year improvement in time to hire. (Aberdeen) 
  1. Reduce cost per hire. Video conferencing provides a 32% greater reduction in cost per hire. (Aberdeen) 
  1. Accelerate decision-making.  58% of video-conferencing users report that it helps them accelerate decision-making.  That increases to 100% among those who consider themselves extensive video-conferencing users. (Frost & Sullivan) 
  1. Improve employee engagement.  87% of remote users feel more connected to their teams and business processes when using video-conferencing. (Gigaom) 
  1. Increase employee productivity. Companies that have used video in training increase employee productivity by 4% while reducing voluntary turnover by an average of 7.7% over 12 months. (Aberdeen) 

When choosing a video conferencing tool, get a solution that works on any device, anywhere and with other collaboration and business applications.  For a successful deployment, partner with their IT to make sure the solution is reliable, secure, and set to grow with your business. Yes, it is possible to get the cool video conferencing experience that the millennials want, while still meeting all the stringent IT requirements that protect your organization.  Don’t settle for less. Learn more about the benefits of incorporating video into your HR practices.


Grace Kim

Senior Manager

Solutions Marketing