Cisco Live is a great platform to learn new technologies, trends, talk to experts about several topics from a technical or business perspective and leverage some of the greatest minds in the IT Industry. You’ll have the opportunity to meet peers from several industries that somehow, share similar challenges as you with regards to IT disruption with cloud and digital transformation.


How mature are they concerning cloud?

Cisco and IDC can help you understand your cloud maturity level.

A brief context-

According to an IDC study, there are five maturity levels of cloud adoption and, even though cloud is being highly adopted with more than 80% of worldwide organizations adopting multiple clouds, only as little as 3% of organizations have an optimized cloud strategy. When organizations achieve an optimized cloud strategy though, there are certain key performance indicators that are associated with better business outcomes. Some of the KPI’s that IDC found are, a 77% of IT cost reduction, 72% ability to meet SLA’s, 200% of strategic allocation of IT budget and even 11% of revenue growth.

How does Cisco and IDC have you covered?

1.  We can benchmark your organization according to IDC’s cloud maturity levels. Cisco, in collaboration with IDC, have developed a cloud assessment framework that can help you easily benchmark your organization and, find out how your competitors are doing with cloud.

2. We can tell you how to improve your business outcomes.By advancing cloud adoption levels, IDC can tell you specific percentages of how your    organization can positively influence some of your business outcomes like revenue increase; operations cost reduction or reduce time to market for new services/products.

3. We can help you implement worldwide best practices.

Once you find out what is your level of cloud maturity vs your peers and get some guidance to improve your cloud adoption; request a workshop. We can go in more details and define a strategy, do the proper changes in your existing one or shortcuts to innovate and improve your business outcomes faster.

So, while at Cisco Live Cancun, visit the Business Cloud Advisor and Cloud Services pods at the Data Center & Cloud booth, or click here and benchmark your organization using Cisco & IDC’s methodology. We can provide you a free assessment of your cloud adoption level with vendor agnostic recommendations and guidance.

In the case that you want to see how mature YOU are, well; benchmark your maturity level at the customer appreciation event – now that will give you some insights! 😉





Sergio Licea

Marketing Manager

Cloud Solutions, Americas