Every day I talk with customers who comment how they need to move with greater speed and flexibility. Automation is required to decrease time-to-market and provide flexible workload placement into hybrid environments.   One technique to deliver speed and flexibility is to transform the modeling, deployment and life cycle processes to deliver applications.

Cisco CloudCenter (CliQr) is unique in the industry because it can provide your organization with an automation tool that will deploy cloud-agnostic applications across 19 different data center, private and public environments from a single application profile.  Not just any application profile but one with built-in firewall rules, scaling policies, infrastructure configuration and built-in controls that keep your business safe and secure.

Next week is CiscoLive in Vegas – are you registered?  There are so many opportunities to learn how Cisco should be your go-to business transformation partner.

If you are an enterprise or cloud architect, cloud administrator or the leader of a DevOps team, this session is a must for your schedule:

When:  Thursday, July 14, 2016

Time:     1:00 pm

Session:   Multi-Cloud and Application Centric Modeling, Deployment and Management with Cisco CloudCenter (CliQr)

This is not a marketing overview but a demo-driven technical deep dive into:

  • Application modeling, service definition and security models
  • CloudCenter and Cisco Tetration Integration
  • CloudCenter Architecture
  • CloudCenter Integration with Cisco and 3rd party solutions

Don’t miss this opportunity to get your hands dirty and dig into the capabilities of Cisco CloudCenter.   Your business could experience business outcomes like these:

  • Transformation of a 127-step process into single click deployment of secure, application ready
    infrastructure instances within 3 minutes
  • Reduction in application release cycle from 16 to 12 months while transforming to a continuous delivery model
  • Elimination of 60% script rewrite process for over 16,000 applications

There’s still time to register both for CiscoLive as well as this session.   Begin your journey towards business transformation in Vegas!


Joann Starke

No Longer with Cisco