Wei Wang

Senior Director, Marketing


Current working as Senior Director of Marketing within Strategy, Innovation and Application team, Wei has more than 25 years of experience in technical product management, product marketing and GTM strategies within corporations such as Cisco, SAP and VMware.


October 24, 2023


Learn how to revolutionize your applications the Carhartt way

2 min read

Revolutionizing your applications can mean different things to different people. Learn from Carhartt's CIO about migrating business operations to the cloud, delivering great customer experiences and driving business growth with the help of Cisco Full-Stack Observability.

June 9, 2023


That’s a wrap for Cisco Live US 2023! But it’s just the beginning for Cisco application solutions

2 min read

Cisco LIve US had so many great innovations to announce this year including the Cisco FSO Platform and cloud native application security with Panoptica. Learn more about all of the great goings on and customer sessions.

May 2, 2023


Get Ready to Reimagine Your Applications at Cisco Live

3 min read

The Cisco SI&A marketing team is excited to meet our customers in Las Vegas to showcase the Cisco Full-Stack Observability solution and other exciting application technology evolutions.

March 13, 2023


First Abu Dhabi Bank Transforms with Cisco Full-Stack Observability

2 min read

In recent years, digital transformation is shaking up every industry, and financial services is no exception. Digital banking options are an especially attractive alternative for young consumers. In fact, surveys show that Gen Zers are choosing apps and digital wallets for their first banking experiences. Digital banking choices have also made it faster and easier […]