This year’s Cisco Live was one of the most memorable ever. And as CEO Chuck Robbins remarked, it was the most jam-packed with new innovative Cisco technologies. And a lot of that new innovation focused around Cisco Full-Stack Observability. First of all, we launched the Cisco Observability Platform – a vendor-agnostic solution that harnesses the power of the company’s full portfolio. It delivers contextual, correlated, and predictive insights that allow customers to resolve issues more quickly and optimize experiences, while also minimizing business risk.

An Extensible Platform for Applications

Carlos Pereira on the CLUS show floor
Carlos Pereira on the Cisco Live show floor

This platform is designed for customers and partners to build modules on it. One of the modules is Cloud Native Application Observability – it’s a place where you can bring data together from all your different domains to help you spot trends in your application performance so you can achieve business outcomes, make the right digital experience related decisions, ensure performance alignment with end-user expectations, prioritize, and reduce risk while securing your workloads.

Our “Godfather of Cisco Full-Stack Observability” and Distinguished Engineer, Carlos Pereira, was ever-present in multiple sessions and meeting with customers, partners and Cisconians on the show floor. If you’re lucky enough to have a chance to speak with Carlos, you will learn the ins and outs of Cisco’s application capabilities from the master.

Cisco Full-Stack Observability Use Cases

Cisco FSO Platform Cost Optimization Booth
Cisco FSO Platform Cost Optimization Booth

We had multiple booths for Cisco Full-Stack Observability use cases and technologies – including Customer Digital Experience Monitoring and Business Risk Observability

Applications Solutions Marketing VP Gene Hall and Cisco Full-Stack Observability SVP Ronak Desai sat down with Brad Welsh from the State of Indiana Office of Technology, who talked about he manages all of the State of Indiana’s applications with Cisco Full-Stack Observability solutions and how they helped him go from being “the inquisition” to “the answer man.”

Overall, there was a big customer presence for Cisco Full-Stack Observability. Colby Rozell from Chevron talked about how Chevron uses Cisco FSO solutions to make their applications run smoothly – from the customer-facing applications they build to the SAP applications they use to run their complex logistics – from mineral extraction to transportation to paying their vendors. Irfan Farooq talked about how US Bank relies on Cisco FSO solutions to make sure the customer experience for its banking app is in great shape – and how they measure all sorts of KPIs including the time it takes to log on to their application or process a banking transaction. Alice McElroy talked about how Royal Caribbean delivers smooth sailing application experiences.

Bryan Laszlo from Carhartt was in multiple sessions talking about his FSO journey – including how migrating to the cloud and using Cisco FSO solutions has helped Carhartt grow exponentially in the last few years.

On the application security front – Vijoy Pandey announced our cloud native security strategy with Panoptica. And ESG Analyst Melinda Marks presented on why everyone with a digitally-led business needs a cloud native security platform.

Cisco FSO solutions had a great presence at Cisco Live – but this is only the beginning. While it may be a wrap for this year’s Cisco Live – there is definitely more to come from the Cisco applications teams!

Learn more about Cisco Full-Stack Observability.


Wei Wang

Senior Director, Marketing