What does revolutionizing applications really mean?

Revolutionizing your applications means many things to different people. It can mean moving the critical applications that support your business to the cloud so they’re scalable and less costly to support. It can mean creating flawless digital experiences for your customers so that they become brand loyal to your products and increase your net promoter score. It can mean relying on your applications to enable 24/7 business operations and form a robust, integrated automated machine that supports rapid business growth. Or in the case of Carhartt, it can be all of these.  

Applications are the front door to virtually every business and essential to driving revenue and business growth. Experience is a top priority and business KPI – customers need fantastic experience every time. But application environments are increasingly complex, rely on multiple clouds, and teams are siloed. And with sprawling monitoring tools that aren’t integrated, it’s difficult to identify, prioritize, and address issues. Seventy-five percent (75%) of technologists say they’re facing more IT complexity than ever before – without a way to cut through the noise and prioritize efforts.

Companies want to focus on what matters most – revenue, user experience, risk, and costs. In their journey to full-stack observability with Cisco, Carhartt has done exactly that. While this 134 years old company is steeped in the tradition of making premium workwear for hard-working people, they’re at the forefront of digital transformation for manufacturing, retail and e-commerce.  

Managing 24/7 business operations in the cloud

Carhartt runs many modern applications. One of their critical applications is SAP.  They use SAP to manage operations for everything from sewing workwear, to operating their distribution centers, to maintaining their 24/7 global e-commerce site. Moving to the cloud gave Carhartt improved availability along with flexibility, scalability, and reliability required by their 24/7 business operations. And by migrating applications to the cloud, they could move investment from data centers, hardware, and staff to build and run them – to opening new retail stores and innovating with new B2B business models.   

On November 16th, Ronak Desai, Senior Vice President and GM of Cisco AppDynamics and Full-Stack Observability will join Katrina Agusti, Chief Information Officer of Carhartt on LinkedIn Live to talk about Carhartt’s journey with Cisco FSO solutions and how they’ve enabled them to drive their digital transformation and operational excellence which provided the foundation for driving their business growth – even during the pandemic. During this conversation you’ll learn: 

  • How and why Carhartt moved 96% of their operations to the cloud 
  • How Carhartt uses Cisco FSO solutions to manage multi-cloud environment  
  • How Carhartt uses FSO to monitor their 24/7 business operations because there’s no time for downtime  
  • How customer experience is tantamount to Carhartt’s exponential growth 
  • How focusing on the performance and visibility of their business-critical applications drove their rapid growth  

We’re looking forward to this conversation that will connect the dots on how reimagining your applications with Cisco Full-Stack Observability solutions enables operational excellence that drives impactful business results.  


Sign up for the November 16th LinkedIn Live here. 


Wei Wang

Senior Director, Marketing