Truman Coburn

Product Marketing Manager

Cisco Security

Truman has experience in B2B and internal Product Marketing, Change Management, and Project Management in big tech and consulting across a spectrum of technologies. Currently, Truman is a Product Marketer with the Cisco Secure Endpoint Team focusing on such products as Secure Endpoint, Secure Endpoint Pro and MSSP's. Truman received his B.A from DePaul University in Chicago Illinois and a Product Management Certification from Northwestern University and a Change Management Certification from Prosci ADKAR Model.


November 8, 2022


Cisco Secure Endpoint Crushed the AV-Comparative EPR Test

The word is out! Cisco Secure Endpoint's effectiveness is off the charts in protecting your enterprise environment.

July 11, 2022


Ransomware attacks can and will shut you down

Ransomware attacks on educational institutions are devastating. A security solution that protects your endpoints is critical to the transition to remote learning and remote work.