Torkel Mellingen

Vice President

The Design Group

Torkel Mellingen is Vice President of The Design Group in Cisco’s Collaboration team. He is dedicated to making user experiences that people stop to appreciate, either through a product that delights by its presence or a user interface that simply empowers people.

Torkel started his career evolving collaboration products when he joined Tandberg in 2004. Through Cisco’s acquisition of Tandberg, he took part in leading the creation of Cisco’s new design language.

He then joined Acano, a collaboration startup, to head design and corporate marketing, as well as product management for the apps and meeting room products. He rejoined Cisco with the acquisition of Acano, and is now working to bring a new story of collaboration to the market


July 10, 2017


Meet the Design Group: Building a Design Ecosystem

2 min read

The Design Group brings together all designers working on collaboration products. Creating a central design group aligns our values, ambitions, and practices across all areas — industrial, interactive, service, UX, and visual design.

April 3, 2017


A Designer’s View: Winning Red Dot’s “Best of the Best” for Cisco Spark Board

2 min read

Red Dot just recognized the Cisco Spark Board product design with its “Best of the Best” Red Dot award. What's it like to be a key part of the design team? Torkel Mellingen is happy to let you know. "To me, the award from Red Dot acknowledges that we landed in just the right place. It feels amazing. The team that developed Cisco Spark Board dared to challenge the norm."

March 15, 2017


“Scandifornian” Design at SXSW: Q&A with Torkel Mellingen

3 min read

Recently, at the Cisco Spark Haus at SXSW, we addressed several questions, including: What are the important workplace trends? What is “Scandifornian” design, and how does it make the design language at Cisco unique? And, why is the Cisco Spark Board design is receiving so much attention?

January 11, 2017


The Sliding Doors of the Digital Age

3 min read

The upcoming launch at Cisco is a little more personal for me than most launches. Alan Kay, Doug Engelbart and Steve Jobs have inspired me since I started designing collaboration products 12 years ago. This launch continues the journey they began.