Teri Jenkins Treille

CSR Stakeholder Engagement
Sustainable Business Practices

Teri Jenkins Treille is the lead for Cisco’s CSR report and actively engages with advocacy groups, investors, analysts and customers on CSR reporting and performance. She collaborates with colleagues to help establish sustainability goals and measure performance from across the company, which helps to inform the company’s CSR strategy. She has been on the CSR reporting team since Cisco started external non-financial reporting in fiscal year 2005.

Teri also leads Cisco's CSR materiality analysis, benchmarking and the identification of emerging sustainability issues. Her areas of interest are social and governance issues relevant to the ICT sector. Teri created and manages Cisco’s human rights working group, which will drive the company’s ongoing human rights roadmap – aligning it to the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

Teri has lived and worked in Brussels, Amsterdam, London, and now Silicon Valley. She has an MBA from Portland State University.

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