Sylvain Tremblay

Global Virtual Sales & Customer Success

Sylvain Tremblay is Vice-President Global Virtual Sales and Customer Success (GVS&CS) for the Americas. In this capacity, Sylvain leads the transformation and consolidation of Cisco’s multiple virtual sales organizations (products, SaaS, services and software annuities) into a single entity, accountable for Cisco’s Land-Adopt-Expand & Renew selling motion, a $5.8B annual revenue stream. This group of 1,000 employees operates and caters to customers and Cisco Partners in Canada, the US and in Latin America.

Sylvain is an inclusive leader with experience in Commercial, SLED, Enterprise and Global sales. Together with his inclination to always stay current with the latest market trends, these assets are key in developing and delivering a virtual experience aligned to Cisco’s customers, partners and stakeholders.

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