Steve Martino

No Longer with Cisco

Steve Martino led Cisco’s Information Security (InfoSec) organization to innovate and adopt the most effective security technologies and policies, reflect them in Cisco’s people, products and services, and share them with customers. He has more than 30 years of high-technology experience in security, IT operations, product development and operations, marketing and sales.

Under Martino’s leadership, Cisco’s Information Security organization equips the company to defend itself, its partners and customers from information security threats 7x24. His team creates and adopts risk-based data governance and technology policies and capabilities that enable and secure Cisco’s IT infrastructure, and the data and privacy of our employees, customers and partners. They influence Cisco and its ecosystems to secure information assets by making information security services transparent, and easy to engage and adopt through streamlined and consistent processes. Martino strives to create a world-class culture of agility, innovation, business and technical leadership that helps to make Cisco a trusted and leading security partner in the industry.

Martino has gained industrywide recognition and many accolades for his expertise, leadership and willingness to help others be more secure. In March 2018, Martino won Silver for Security/ Information Technology Executive of the Year in the 2018 Info Security Products Guide’s Global Excellence Awards. In 2017, he was profiled in The Wall St. Journal’s “A Day in the Life of a CISO” and Forbes Magazine’s “Profiles In Cybersecurity.” He was recognized as a finalist for the Global CISO Breakaway Leadership Award, honored as an integral part of the S&TO team that won Gold for Management Team of the Year by the Golden Bridge Awards, and was named one of the Top 100 CISOs by Hot Topics Magazine. In March 2016, the Info Security Products Guide Global Excellence Awards awarded Martino the Gold award for People Influencing Information Security for Cisco’s outstanding Information Security program.

His investment in people development is vast, as he mentors numerous people in and outside of Cisco, helped start the Men for Inclusion and Diversity program at Cisco, and has hired and developed a tremendous leadership bench. Martino has been an advocate and active participant in various Cisco Community activities. A long-time Habitat for Humanity supporter, Steve currently serves on the Habitat Silicon Valley/East Bay Foundation Board. He shares his passion for the organization by leading regular Habitat Build Days and was named Cisco Habitat for Humanity Executive Champion. He hosts March of Dimes fundraising events, Family Giving Tree Backpack Drives and Second Harvest Food Drive events. An avid cyclist, Steve has ridden the Tour de Cure to benefit the American Diabetes Association.

In addition to his Information Security leadership role, Martino participates in various Cisco IT, risk management and business transformation initiatives. Prior to joining Cisco in August 2007, Martino spent six years at Digeo, Inc., as Vice President of Business Operations. Prior to Digeo, he spent six years with Click2learn, ending his tenure as Chief Operating Officer. Overall, Martino has more than 30 years of high-tech experience in security, IT operations, product development and operations, marketing and sales, having also held management consulting roles at Sun Microsystems/SunSoft, Inc., Pricewaterhouse, and Xerox Corporation.

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