Steve Lau

Senior Manager

Digital & Mobile Strategy

Steve Lau is a Senior Manager of Digital & Mobile Strategy.  Since 2006 one of his focus areas has been on mobile technologies and markets. He currently leads the mobile strategy services for customer and partners.   As a veteran at Cisco, he brings over 13 years of digital IT and marketing experience.   He’s previous leadership roles were on Cisco.com, UX, consumer, digital acquisitions, and mobile innovations.

Prior to Cisco, Steve worked at Electronic Arts and various consulting companies.   He has a degree in engineering from UCSB and holds a commercial pilots license.


January 28, 2014


Have you Hit an App Wall?

2 min read

The second in a series on Cisco’s mobile strategy. Apps, apps and more apps, is your company experiencing a proliferation of apps?  Cisco certainly is.  We are moving out of the experimental stage of app development and shifting toward measuring ‘repetitive usage’ as one of the main gauges for on-going support and improvements. Have you […]

November 21, 2013


Cisco’s Top 5 Mobile Customer Insights

2 min read

This is the first blog in a series about Cisco’s B2B Mobile strategy. My smartphone is always on. I have just one for home and work.  It’s a part of me. I’m connected anywhere I go. Mobile devices have reset our digital expectations.  We now expect quick, mobile-friendly content from a device that knows our […]