Alexandra (Sandra) Logushova

User Experience Researcher, Digital Experiences


Welcome to my profile! My name is Alexandra, or Sandra for short. I'm a UX (User Experience) Researcher at Cisco based out of Toronto, Canada. I come from a non-traditional tech background, having worked mostly in start-ups and academia before pivoting into UXR. At Cisco, I'm able to align my personal interests with my work, as UXR is all about understanding human needs and behaviours and use that data for good by improving user experiences through a lens backed by innovation, humanities, and DEI. Outside of work, I'm passionate about travelling, tinkering with hardware to build things that make life easier, and finding ways to make an impact in different social contexts. My quest for knowledge both in and out of Cisco is focused on reimagining our relationship with technology by helping build more accessible and inclusive products. In my free time, you can find me re-watching my favourite TV shows, working on my online art gallery launch (@logushova-gallery on IG), indulging in spicy food, and exploring new destinations. If you're interested in discussing good/bad user experiences, feel free to reach out. One day, I hope to solve the parking lot experience...


May 2, 2023


4 Things I Learned During My First Year at Cisco, in No Particular Order

3 min read

User Experience Researcher Sandra L. made a career pivot to Cisco and celebrated her first anniversary by sharing her biggest learnings from the past year.