Simon Finn

Principle Security Architect - Critical Infrastructure

Security and Trust Office

Simon is a 20+ year veteran of the Information Security Industry. He is based in Sydney, Australia, and is a Cybersecurity expert focused on embedding security and trust into all Critical Infrastructure related initiatives at Cisco, globally.

He engages across a wide range of industry verticals including Transportation, Healthcare, Energy and Utilities, Manufacturing and Smart Cities, ensuring security is embedded in solutions end to end.

As part of Cisco's Security & Trust Organisation, Simon engages key stakeholders to review solution architectures, drive risk assessments, and provide guidance and thought leadership that enhances Cisco and Cisco's customers’ IoT solution security.

He encourages data protection and privacy, security-by-design and cyber resiliency, enabling the deployment of trusted solutions around the world.

Simon holds a CISSP and is involved in providing feedback input to a number of industry and government bodies around the globe on Cybersecurity, Critical Infrastructure and IoT security matters.


November 18, 2019


The Importance of the Network in Detecting Incidents in Critical Infrastructure

As we saw in my last blog the network plays a key role in defending critical infrastructure and IoT. The devices that we are connecting drive our business, enabling us to make smarter decisions and gain greater efficiency through digitization. But how do we ensure the connected devices are acting as intended?

September 25, 2019


The Criticality of the Network in Securing IoT and Critical Infrastructure

To demonstrate the vital role of the network in IoT Security, we explore how it can help us tackle a series of IoT-related security challenges.