Shelly Cadora

Technical Marketing Engineer

Shelly works at Cisco as a Technical Marketing Engineer. Her current focus is network programmability and SDN. She has worked in development and marketing for a variety of products and solutions including IP telephony, security, IEEE 802.1X, TrustSec, SDN and onePK. She has a PhD from Stanford University and a CCIE in Routing and Switching.


Introducing Pipeline: A Model-Driven Telemetry Collection Service

1 min read

Model-driven telemetry means lots of network data, fast. Next up: Pipeline, a collection service that provides the foundational layer in a scalable, modular analytics architecture. Now available in github!

December 13, 2016


Boring is the New Awesome

2 min read

The core principle of model-driven telemetry is super simple:  as much usable data out of the network as fast as possible.  The implementation is also pretty subtle:  a push mechanism, data models, open-source encodings.  In fact, it’s all so simple and subtle that some folks look under the hood and say, “so what?”   To that, […]

What’s So Special About Model-Driven Telemetry?

2 min read

Telemetry and analytics are all the rage in networking today. The industry is abuzz with the potential unlocked by streaming vast quantities of operational data.  But what’s so special about “model-driven” telemetry? Models enable networking devices to precisely describe their capabilities to the outside world: what kind of data they expose (e.g. interfaces statistics, configuration […]

The limits of SNMP

4 min read

Not “New Data” But “New Ways of Getting Data” Model-driven telemetry has been one of the most fun projects I’ve worked on in a long time. Right from the start, we worked hand-in-hand with customers to identify their biggest pain points when it came to network operational data. To my surprise, the primary ask was […]

Streaming Telemetry with Google Protocol Buffers

5 min read

In a recent blog on “Why You Should Care About Model-Driven Telemetry”, I reviewed the need for streaming telemetry and the high-level architecture that makes it possible. Today I’m going to drill down on some specific design choices we made in order to quickly export large amounts of data. Tell Me How You Really Feel About […]

Why You Should Care About Model-Driven Telemetry

3 min read

Co-written with Frederic Trate, Sr. Marketing Manager Let me start by asking you a couple questions: Does your network grow in size and complexity every year? Are you still largely operating your network manually? Do frequent customer complaints make you wonder if you really know what’s going on in your network? Do you often hear […]