Scott Herron

Chief Enablement Officer

Global Customer Success - Cisco Systems

Scott Herron is a thought leader and innovator in channel-focused sales and recurring revenue generation strategies. Acquired by Cisco in August 2015, Scott was the co-founder and CEO for MaintenanceNet, which delivered a channel-focused service revenue generation platform. During his time at MaintenanceNet, Herron pioneered the use of data intelligence and automation to create valuable touch points across the channel and customer lifecycle, and he brings these same skills and vision to Cisco. As an integral part of the Cisco Global Customer Success organization, his focus is on innovating solutions that build recurring revenue, profits and customer health for channel partners worldwide.


November 10, 2015


The Power of Insight: The Role of Data and Analytics in Customer Success

2 min read

Building a successful recurring revenue business is a common challenge facing Cisco partners. From service contract renewals to upsell and cross-sell opportunities, we know that post-sales initiatives often take a back seat, causing you to miss out on valuable and repeatable revenue gains. Even worse, by not staying on top of your customers’ post-sales needs, […]