Sarah Eccleston

Vice President, Small Business Segment

Growth Marketing

As the global leader of Cisco’s Small Business segment, Sarah Eccleston is responsible for growing Cisco market share in the Small Business segment worldwide. Sarah and her team are tasked with ownership of the short-, mid-, and long-term strategies that enable Cisco to best serve smaller enterprises. This work includes: • Identifying the ideal portfolio to effectively compete and grow revenue in networking, collaboration, data center, and security technologies • Ensuring the right marketing, sales coverage, and routes to market are available and effective • Leading and influencing Cisco internal organizations, such as Engineering, Marketing, Operations, and Sales, to execute and deliver on the strategy Sarah is also Cisco’s internal and external spokesperson for Small Business. She speaks at key industry, customer, partner, and internal events to evangelize and establish Cisco as a thought leader in this market. Prior to this role, Sarah was Cisco’s CTO for the Commercial and Small Business segments globally. She previously held roles in engineering, product management, and sales management, as well as leadership positions leading various architectures and software. Sarah has lived and worked in the U.K., Canada, India, and China, and she currently lives in the U.K. Sarah is passionate about helping vulnerable animals, and in 2013, after visiting a Bonobo orphanage in the Congo, she returned home to found and lead registered charity “Bonobos UK.” In 2014, she further brought her passion for wildlife together with her pride of being a Cisco director, completing an on-the-ground technology feasibility study on how the Internet of Things could help to reduce elephant ivory poaching.


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