Reija Tindillere

Global Lead, Back to Business (B2B) Program

Digital Acceleration Team - EMEAR

Reija is a Business Development Manager based in France. She has been with Cisco for 10 years, working in various Operational and Business Development roles within EMEAR and Emerging Markets. In her current role in the EMEAR Digital Acceleration team she provides the team with Program Management leadership and expertise across Software and Recurring Revenue related programs.

Reija attended Kemi-Tornio Polytechnic in Finland, where she received a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

As a mother of 2 small girls, Reija experienced first-hand the challenge of returning to work after time away from the business. As a response to this, she decided to help others in this position by creating a new Cisco Employee Resource Organisation (ERO) called Back to Business.

Reija is very passionate about supporting others and ensuring we can all keep growing in our workplace.

What does Reija’s manager Deirdre Finn say about Reija “ Our everyday lives are broken down into a system of processes and interactions. Reija is a tenacious lady who naturally breaks down these processes and looks at ways of making them better. B2B is a perfect example. Reija makes change happen!!”

Reija lives in the suburbs of Paris with her husband and 2 daughters. Being originally from Finland, the land of the midnight sun, Reija enjoys quiet moments in the Finnish forest, picking blueberries and spending time with family and friends.

Reija would like to do more hiking, running and outdoor sports, but she is in the middle of her busiest years with small children. A time for long hikes in the forest with the children will come, for now we go for short ones.


October 9, 2018


Back to Business: How Cisco Employees Are Supporting Each Other As They Return to Work

3 min read

From maternity to caring for family members we all know that life happens, and we embrace that here at Cisco. Returning to work after time away can be difficult, however. Reija and team are trying to help their fellow employees by easing that transition with this employee network.