Prathima Janakiram

Developer Advocate for Cloud Programmability

Cisco DevNet

Prathima has worked for Cisco for over 2 years and has been in several datacom/telecom enterprises prior to that. She has held key engineering positions and has driven the design, implementation, and delivery of major software projects at equipment vendor companies as well as service providers. Recently, she has joined the DevNet team to drive key initiatives as an advocate for the cloud and application developer community. Her passion is to enable developers with Cisco technologies as well as drive open source initiatives.


May 15, 2023


Learn about Full Stack Observability at Cisco Live

Learn how full stack observability allows application development and IT operations teams to move beyond siloed, domain-specific monitoring. Discover new ways to work with instrumental observability technologies including OpenTelemetry, Kubernetes, AppDynamics, and ThousandEyes.

April 19, 2023


Automating Observability with Cisco Cloud Observability APIs

See how you can automate observability using AppDynamics Cloud APIs, allowing you to focus on mission critical business applications and user experience.

December 1, 2022


Leverage Abstraction To Hide Complexity with AppDynamics Cloud Connection API

See how the AppDynamics Cloud API helps I&O teams to operate and secure a multi cloud ecosystem, offering cloud native and full-stack observability for large, managed Kubernetes deployments on public clouds (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Red Hat OpenShift) from a single pane of glass.

February 4, 2022


Cloud-Native Application Deployments and AppDynamics Insights with ICO

Learn how you can build automated workflows to provision Intersight Kubernetes Service (IKS) infrastructure, and deploy a sample cloud-native application using around Intersight Services for Terraform (IST) and Intersight Cloud Orchestrator (ICO).

February 3, 2022


Cloud-Native Application Deployments and AppDynamics Insights with IST

Take a look at a use case of deploying a multi-service, cloud-native application on IKS (Intersight Kubernetes Service) leveraging IST (Intersight Services for Terraform), with TFCB workspaces that include AppDynamics Cluster Agent for application insights.

February 2, 2022


Tomcat Application Deployments and AppDynamics Insights with ICO

See how you can take automation a step further by provisioning ICO (Intersight Cloud Orchestrator) workflows leveraging TFCB (Terraform for Cloud Business) workspaces in this Tomcat application deployments with AppDynamics Insights use case.

February 1, 2022


Tomcat Application Deployments and AppDynamics Insights with IST

Learn how to deploy a legacy micro services Java app on VM based infrastructure with Cisco Intersight Services for Terraform (IST) and AppDynamics.

January 31, 2022


Progressing to Multi-Cloud Deployments with Automated Workflows

See how Intersight Service for Terraform (IST) provides for automation with its integration with Terraform Cloud for Business, and Intersight Cloud Orchestrator (ICO) takes this a step further by building workflows around these foundational automations.

June 3, 2021


“Hello IKS”… from Terraform Cloud!

Intersight Kubernetes Service (IKS) from Terraform Cloud. Continue your exploration of programmable infrastructures with a look at the roles of a Cloud Admin, an App Developer, and an App DevOps in a Cisco Intersight and HashiCorp Cloud for Business use case.

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