Pat Janakiram

Developer Advocate for Cloud Programmability

Cisco DevNet

Prathima has worked for Cisco for over 2 years and has been in several datacom/telecom enterprises prior to that. She has held key engineering positions and has driven the design, implementation, and delivery of major software projects at equipment vendor companies as well as service providers. Recently, she has joined the DevNet team to drive key initiatives as an advocate for the cloud and application developer community. Her passion is to enable developers with Cisco technologies as well as drive open source initiatives.


June 3, 2021


“Hello IKS”… from Terraform Cloud!

Intersight Kubernetes Service (IKS) from Terraform Cloud. Continue your exploration of programmable infrastructures with a look at the roles of a Cloud Admin, an App Developer, and an App DevOps in a Cisco Intersight and HashiCorp Cloud for Business use case.