Pierre Cadieux

Senior Consultant and Incident Commander

Cisco Security Incident Response Services

Pierre Cadieux, CISSP, GCFA, is an Incident Commander within the Cisco Security Incident Response Services team, a role that requires a unique mix of customer-facing communication skill and technical awareness of current attack trends and methods of detection and prevention.

Pierre is an experienced Information Security professional who has been a professional consultant for the past ten years after first starting his career as an Information Security executive with a number of companies in the insurance, financial services, technology, and bio/pharma industries.

Currently focused on Incident Response, Detection, and Security Operations Center development.

Pierre is an avid traveler who lives in Los Angeles, California with his very patient wife and three kids.


May 13, 2019


Practical Ways to Reduce Ransomware Impact: Actions You Can Take Today

6 min read

During the past year, Cisco Security Incident Response Services has provided emergency incident response services for many customers dealing with incidents that sometimes become a ransomware event. In...