Pete Davis

Global Director

CX Partner Model

Pete Davis serves as a Global Director supporting the Customer Experience, Partner Model and Strategy. In this role, he is responsible for developing global scaling and digital transformation initiatives for customer success practices of channel partners. In his time as a Global Director, he developed new automation and programmability programs to support partner services extensibility through APIs and telemetry data. Additionally, he is responsible for the development of new global growth programs for expansion of partner support and advisory services. He has been with Cisco for more than 14 years and has also served as a Director and Manager at Autodesk and Oracle. Pete is a graduate of Columbia College, Columbia University, with a BA in Political Science.


November 24, 2020


APIs that Enable Partners for Customer Lifecycle Success

One way that Partners are transforming their business is through the adoption of Cisco Services and Support APIs. Part of the growing suite of Cisco Customer Experience APIs, these APIs empower users to access information and use Cisco intellectual capital in new and innovative ways to increase productivity and add new value to their business.