Co-authored by Par Merat

One of the best ways Cisco demonstrates its commitment to Partner profitability is with the developer resources available through the DevNet community. DevNet can be the engine that enables our partners to transform their business, unlock the value of software automation, prepare their workforces to be future ready, and empower them to innovate.  

One way that Partners are transforming their business is through the adoption of Cisco Services and Support APIs. Part of the growing suite of Cisco Customer Experience APIs, these APIs empower users to access information and use Cisco intellectual capital in new and innovative ways to increase productivity and add new value to their business. 

Cisco Services APIs 

The Cisco Services APIs allow Partners to programmatically access and consume Cisco data in a simple, secure, and scalable manner. This includes Cisco contract data, Cisco inventory, hardware/software lifecycles, and more. Cisco Services APIs help remove barriers to enterprise automation while increasing productivity, shortening sales cycles, and reducing operating expenses. 

Cisco Support APIs 

The Cisco Support APIs also help reduce operating costs by providing Partners with full visibility into case details of each of their customers. This new way of delivering support information empowers customers and partners to increase productivity and add new value to their business. It also reduces the time-to-resolution improves customer satisfaction. 

APIs in Action 

Data#3, a Cisco Partner that provides end-to-end solutions for customers across all of Cisco’s products, recently modernized their service and support experience by leveraging these APIs through the development of their growing DevNet practice. Their goal was to reduce time-to-resolution for their customers while maintaining digital touch with them throughout their lifecycle.  

With a Services, Support, and Smart Bonding (ServiceGrid) integrations in place, Data#3 had now integrated their service and support operations with Cisco’s. This provided their Customer Success teams full visibility into key components of their customers’ health and lifecycles, allowing them to better service their customers. Immediately, they saw a 30% increase in service engagements from their customers.  

The development expertise they have acquired by investing in DevNet and Cisco Customer Experience APIs gives them the ability to increase consumption of the services applications they build and drive automation as part of their customer success motion going forward. Their Customer Success Managers can start to position solutions for their customer’s challenges while they manage their progression through the lifecycle phases.  

That’s just one of the powerful impacts Cisco’s Partners are experiencing with DevNet 

And one quick final note: The innovation won’t stop here! Be on the lookout for DevNet’s announcement of new eCommerce APIs. If you haven’t joined the community yet, do it today and you’ll be among the first to learn more: developer.cisco.com/cx 



Pete Davis

Global Director

CX Partner Model