Niloo Bahadori

Wireless System Engineer

Cisco Wireless

I am Niloo Bahadori, a tech enthusiast with a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and Wireless Communication. Motivated by a desire to see the real-world application of my research, I sought a role at Cisco, a company renowned for its innovation in cutting-edge technologies. Currently serving as a Wireless System Engineer within Cisco's Technology and Algorithm Team, I contribute in enhancing product performance by integrating emerging technologies and designing innovative algorithms. My contributions span across various domains, from security, regulatory to wireless communication technologies, including novel projects such as Indoor Location Services and Automated Frequency Coordination (AFC), OpenAFC, FCC radio regulations and AI/ML in WiFi7. Outside my professional life, I find joy in outdoor adventures, particularly backpack camping and skiing. I also dedicates my time to promoting diversity in STEM fields, serving as a mentor to empower women to realize their full potential. Driven by a passion for challenging work and growth and the opportunity to make a meaningful impact, I continue to push the boundaries of tech innovation while advocating for positive change in my professional and personal life.


March 26, 2024


From Academia to Cisco: How I’m Inspired and Empowered as a Woman in Tech

3 min read

At a career crossroads, Niloo took a leap, joining Cisco as a Wireless System Engineer, finding fulfillment through innovation, inclusivity, and mentorship.