Mirko Grabel

Sr Manager, Technical Marketing


Mirko joined Cisco in 2008 and went through the Cisco Sales Associates Program (CSAP). Afterwards he joined the Customer Proof of Concept (CPOC) lab in London where he build Enterprise and Service Provider Networks with a focus on Routing & Switching and Compute. During his time in CPOC he also got his CCIE in Routing and Switching. After 4 years in CPOC he joined the Enterprise Routing Business Unit in San Jose as Technical Marketing Engineer (TME). He first became the lead TME for the ISR800 series and later on worked more on the ISR4k and the UCS E-Series compute modules. In 2018 Mirko joined the Internet of Things (IoT) Software Team as TME Manager.


How edgy should your edge compute be?

Here at Cisco, we consider edge computing to mean that data is processed before it crosses any wide area network (WAN). Crossing the WAN—whether to send data to a traditional data center on-prem or in the cloud—introduces latency and incurs additional costs, both of which edge computing is intended to avoid. That being said, there […]

Edge computing: Benefits and IoT use cases

Edge computing brings a number of benefits to the Internet of Things. Reduced latency, improved resiliency and availability, lower costs, and local data storage (to assist with regulatory compliance) to name a few. Here, we take a closer look at how edge computing benefits play out in real-world IoT use cases.

February 18, 2020


Setting a simple standard: Using MQTT at the edge

In an earlier post, I shared examples of how organizations can benefit from edge computing – from enabling autonomous vehicles in transportation and preventive maintenance in manufacturing to streamlining compliance for utilities. I also recently shared examples on where the edge really is in edge computing. For operational leaders, edge compute use cases offer compelling […]

February 11, 2020


Where is the edge in edge computing?

Edge computing has become the IT industry’s hot “new” term. Media outlets, vendors (including Cisco!), and analysts alike are all touting the value of edge computing, particularly for Internet of Things (IoT) implementations. While most agree that there are benefits to processing compute functions “at the edge,” coming to an agreement on what exactly constitutes the edge is another thing altogether.

September 19, 2019


An introduction to edge computing and use case examples

What is edge computing? Edge computing is a very loosely defined term in the industry. Many people are familiar with it, but there are differences in understanding what it means.