Melissa Barr

Head of Developer Marketing

Strategy, Incubations and Applications

Melissa is the Head of Cisco Developer Marketing. Her current focus is leading a team of marketing experts, creatives, writers, and strategists to implement marketing and content programs that support software developers, infrastructre engineers and DevSecOps on their journeys to deliver fast, reliable, and secure solutions for their organizations and customers.


June 29, 2023


Navigating the Future: Insights for Developers on Observability and Cloud Native Security

5 min read

Key insights from Cisco Live 2023: Watch DevNet presenters at Cisco Live break down complexities and share actionable best practice for understanding system observability and strengthening cloud native application security.

May 30, 2023


Speed vs. Security: New Frameworks for Protecting Cloud Native and Multicloud Environments

1 min read

Join us for a livestreamed special event during Cisco Live featuring bestselling author and researcher, Gene Kim, Google Cloud Principal Developer Advocate, Kelsey Hightower, and more. Learn how to maintain security while delivering the speed that the business and customers demand.