Matthew Goldensohn


Technical Marketing

Matt Goldensohn has been a data, storage and infrastructure specialist in the IT industry for the last 25 years. During that time he has worked at major financial firms such as Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, CIBC, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns. He has managed support teams from Database Administrators to Desktop support. In addition, he has worked for EMC Corp as a principal engineer on the Symmetrix Storage Partner Engineering team, for HP as a Solutions Architect for the Storage Essentials SRM product responsible for developing and deploying SRM products for DC’s with 2 to 40PB of external storage. Currently he is a lead engineer responsible for Applications Performance Engineering for Cisco.


February 13, 2014


Why a Solid-State System’s Read/Write Symmetry Matters for Your Business

2 min read

Read/write symmetry refers to a solid-state system’s ability to execute either a read or a write call or a function with equal levels of priority, importance and delivery—it takes the same amount of time to read as it does to write. Achieving read/write symmetry should be a priority for your business for two reasons: symmetry […]