Mariela Montiel

Marketing Specialist

Mariela is a customer marketing specialist within the Americas and holds a unique role in the amplification of Cisco Insider Advocate voices and customer stories. She previously did digital marketing for Dr. Stefanie K. Johnson, author of Inclusify where she first actualized her passion for diversity & inclusion. Mariela recently moved to San Jose, CA after obtaining her Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing from the University of Colorado Boulder.


From IT Pro to Swiftie, Scott Sardella’s Winning Big with Cisco Insider Advocates

9 min read

Cisco’s advocacy community, Cisco Insider, brings our customers together and provides a way for them to make powerful connections, expand their professional and personal networks, and learn from top experts in the field. One of our goals is to deepen our relationships with our customers. Our Q&A series allows us to shine a spotlight on […]

April 18, 2024


Innovation and Continuity: Cisco Meraki in the Education Sector

3 min read

In the highlands of Tarija, Bolivia, Juan Misael Saracho Autonomous University's journey with Cisco Meraki is a testament to innovation and resilience, transforming technological hurdles into a future of seamless connectivity and boundless educational possibilities.

April 4, 2024


Transforming Connectivity: Inside Bush Brothers & Company’s Network Infrastructure Overhaul

2 min read

Navigating the complexities of large-scale technology investments can often be met with skepticism from key stakeholders. In this insightful Q&A, learn from the experience of Ron at Bush Brothers & Company, who successfully championed a significant network infrastructure overhaul.

From meteorology to information technology, Cisco Insider Tim Harmon has a fascinating story to share.

5 min read

Tim Harmon traveled a unique journey on his way to building a career in IT and cybersecurity, which included a strong commitment to Cisco Insider and Cisco Networking Academy.

July 26, 2023


Meet our Hybrid Work Hero from the Cisco Global Advocate Awards 2023

8 min read

Meet Josh, Senior Systems Reliability Engineer at T-Mobile and our Hybrid Work Hero, from the Cisco Global Advocate Awards 2023: Americas event