Mark Nowell

Distinguished Engineer

Data Center Switching

Mark Nowell is a Distinguished Engineer in Cisco’s Data Center Switching team. His focus is on next generation interconnect technology innovation to meet Cisco's needs. Mark is also active within the industry standards and forums and has chaired multiple IEEE 802.3 Ethernet projects. He represents Cisco on the Boards of the Ethernet Alliance and the Consortium of On Board Optics (COBO). Mark also chairs a number of industry MSA (Multi-source Agreement) groups focusing on next generation optical module form factors (QSFP-DD) and optical interface signaling technology (100G Lambda MSA, 400G BiDi MSA).


March 6, 2019


In Praise of the QSFP – from 40GbE to 400GbE and Beyond

Cisco is building and testing QSFP-DD systems and modules capable of driving 400GbE Ethernet electrical interfaces and cooling 20W modules with margin to address thermal and high-speed electrical challenges. These advances for the 400GbE are not at the limits of what is possible. Further innovation will reduce power as chips move to 7nm from the current 16nm processes.

September 24, 2018


Cisco Makes Terabit Scale Ethernet Networking a Reality with 400 GbE Technology

The Cisco Nexus switch with 400 GbE of bandwidth gets put to the test in the Ethernet Alliance’s High-Speed Ethernet Plugfest in August.