September 14, 2023


Cisco Announces General Availability of the NCS 1014 and 2.4T WDM Line Card

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January 16, 2020


QSFP-DD800 MSA Paves The Way For 800G Links In Data Centers

3 min read

A new 800G MSA is formed to support continued growth in traffic demand and the resulting need for higher link data rates in data centers. Once again, Cisco is there at the forefront.

Cisco Demonstrates 20W+ Power Dissipation of QSFP-DD at OFC 2019

3 min read

See how this demo proves that the QSFP-DD transceiver form factor can connect distant data centers together with coherent optics.

March 6, 2019


In Praise of the QSFP – from 40GbE to 400GbE and Beyond

5 min read

Cisco is building and testing QSFP-DD systems and modules capable of driving 400GbE Ethernet electrical interfaces and cooling 20W modules with margin to address thermal and high-speed electrical challenges. These advances for the 400GbE are not at the limits of what is possible. Further innovation will reduce power as chips move to 7nm from the current 16nm processes.

Cisco Optics On Display and Demonstrated at OFC 2018

1 min read

See optical innovations at OFC, like dual-rate BiDi, extended reach 25G optics for MMF, and a cool demo of the QSFP-DD transceiver form factor.

January 18, 2018


QSFP-DD Optical form factor: An evolutionary approach to 400GbE Interconnect

3 min read

Posting this blog on behalf of Mark Nowell, Distinguished Engineer, INSBU. The rapid growth of cloud data center in terms of storage and networking is something Cisco has been tracking through the Cisco Global Cloud Index for several years now. Our latest forecast shows that we’re on track to meet and likely exceed the 14 […]