Laura Earle

No Longer at Cisco

Laura Earle is a Business Operations Manager at Cisco supporting the Services Delivery team who deliver to our largest Enterprise customers across the globe. She has a strong passion for communications and in addition to her day job, she is also involved in a number of Inclusion and Diversity initiatives including reverse mentoring whereby an individual contributor mentors an executive.

Laura has a strong interest in cultural and linguistic awareness having lived in three countries and having visited 42 countries. She has a Bachelor of Arts Honors degree from the University of Nottingham in American Studies and Canadian minor and is currently studying an International MBA in Communication and Leadership at Quadriga University in Berlin. Laura was awarded the everywoman's Rising Star of the Year Award in 2012 which is awarded to a woman under the age of 26 who is excelling in her technology career, making a valuable contribution to her organisation.


Let’s stop talking about STEM

2 min read

Information Technology is notorious for being one of the most male dominated sectors and has been since the field’s beginnings. Despite many attempts to attract more women into the technology world (for example, Apple and Facebook offer to freeze eggs for female employees, Microsoft supports girls aged 13 years and above to attend their DigiGirlz […]

February 19, 2014


How to set up a Reverse Mentoring Program in 10 Steps

5 min read

In 2011, I wrote a blog called “The Results: How Reverse Mentoring Can Enhance Diversity and Inclusion”. The blog described the benefits, the lessons learned and the most popular areas to mentor from a Reverse Mentoring Program I led at Cisco. Since publishing this blog, I’ve been touched by the number of people who have […]

A solo trip to Russia

2 min read

When you hear about Russia, what images come to your mind? Grand Palaces, matryoshka dolls, vodka? Since studying Russian history at school and in my endeavour to visit as many countries as possible during my lifetime (I’ve currently visited 42), I’ve always wanted to visit the largest country in the world and to see the […]

Apparently, women will hug anything

2 min read

Earlier this month Shane Snow, Tech journalist and co-founder of @Contently, opened up a can of worms with his article “Hug vs. Handshake”. When he, a “married dude”, runs into a male acquaintance both in and outside the workplace, a handshake is an acceptable and preferable greeting for both men. But “with females, I feel […]

Love is All You Need?

2 min read

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ROXTFfkcfo Imagine a world where homosexuality is both natural and normal and heterosexuality is perceived and treated as a sinful aberration. The award winning short film Love Is All You Need? powerfully depicts this world where “gay” is “straight” and “straight” is “gay” and a sexual relationship between a man and a woman is a […]

Millennials Are Not From Mars

2 min read

Having worked together with different generations, it’s obvious there are different styles of working and approaching situations. We heard a stat that by 2020, 50% of all US workers will be Millennials.  Even for us it’s hard to believe that it is only 7 years away.  What we wanted to explore today is with all […]

‘Celebrating & Supporting Individuality’

2 min read

A Cisco colleague came to me recently and asked if she could talk to me about her daughter.  Having no children myself, I wasn’t sure how I could help.  She confided to me that she suspects her 13 year old may be lesbian, and that she had real worries about obstacles that her daughter may […]

Healthy Mind

2 min read

What image comes in to your mind when you think of mental health? And, does that change when you think of it in the workplace? There is still a substantial taboo on the subject and many  people are uncomfortable speaking about it largely due to a lack of informed knowledge.

XY: a new identity for men of the XXIst century?

3 min read

In preparation for International Women’s Day, the March French edition of “Marie Claire” features a number of famous men wearing their day clothes, with one unusual detail: they are all wearing bright red stilettos, arguably the symbol of femininity. How did these men feel to be perched on such flashy high heels? Perhaps it connected […]

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