Kunal Hatode

Cyber Operations Lead

CX - Security Centre of Excellence

Kunal Hatode, based in United Kingdom; is a Senior Technical Leader specializing in solution integration of Cloud services, Wide Area Network and Cyber Security. He has had the opportunity to lead and excel in multiple disciplines such as solution design, operations, consulting, and product development. In the past 11 years Kunal has worked for three major international Managed Service Providers, part of 24 acquisition integrations, 4 career promotions; led a team of Pre sales consultants, Security Analysts and intrapreneur-ed a new global Cyber security division within an ISP/Telecom environment. Now with 19 years of technical, commercial & management acumen, Kunal provides his subject matter expertise in Cyber Security Operations for CISCO EMEA, to simplify toughest security challenges for CISOs and Senior Security Leaders.


July 10, 2024


The Trifecta Effect of Integrating XDR, SIEM, and SOAR

7 min read

Stay ahead of sophisticated cybersecurity threats with the trifecta effect of integrating XDR, SIEM, and SOAR. Learn how integrating these technologies can enhance your organization's security.