Kerrie Holley

VP, Chief Technology Officer

Software Platform Group

Kerrie is responsible for driving the application of Cisco’s analytics and automation software portfolio into vertical markets and cross-industries. Engaging with customers and Cisco partners, he is helping set direction, strategies and architectures where there are converged technologies such as digitization, IoT, big data, machine learning, analytics, edge analytics, centers of data, cloud and mobility.

Previously, Kerrie was an IBM Fellow at IBM Research appointed by the CEO in 2006. His research focused on scalable business services, business purpose platforms, micro services, and related system development and architecture models. He engaged extensively with clients on these topics and the disruptive effects of digitization, API economy, and the “next era” of computing.

Prior to joining IBM Research, Kerrie was CTO for IBM’s Global Business Services’ Application Innovation Services (AIS). There, Kerrie was known for his innovative work in service-oriented architecture (SOA) and collaboration with clients as architect and consultant. Over the course of his IBM career, he was awarded several outstanding achievement and corporate awards.

Kerrie holds several patents, authored two books, and published articles in peer-reviewed research publications and other venues. He appeared on ABC News and a TED talk when IBM Watson was first introduced describing Watson’s next job.

Kerrie holds a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics and a Juris Doctorate from DePaul University. He is currently a member of DePaul’s Board of Trustees.


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