Kelsey Jensen

Product Marketing Manager

Small Business Marketing

Kelsey is a subject matter expert in digital and omni-channel marketing, working closely with partners to grow their business digitally. She works to ensure Partner Marketing Central is providing the best digital assets and tactics for all partners, small or large.

Keeping up with the latest digital marketing trends, Kelsey works closely to educate, guide and support partners in learning, utilizing and creating the best omni-channel marketing approach. She inspires partners to adopt new marketing methods, create a solid digital footprint, and combine all traditional and digital marketing efforts to obtain the best leads and, ultimately, sales.

Kelsey rides horses and stays active through travel and being outdoors.


October 3, 2017


Hit the Bullseye with Your Marketing Efforts

2 min read

Once you have a digital strategy in place, it’s time to move forward and make it happen. Let’s explore the basics of digital marketing execution, from email marketing and social media marketing to mobile marketing and everything in between. Email Marketing With short attention spans and smart buying habits, digitally savvy consumers need personalized, relevant […]

September 21, 2017


What’s Your Marketing Game Plan?

1 min read

Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing is more flexible and lets you tell your story on the range of channels that buyers frequent. You can start small by testing proven tactics like email nurture programs, paid advertising, and social media. Then you can optimize and scale your campaigns as you grow. Planning Considerations The more relevant, […]

September 8, 2017


Are You Ready to Dive Into a Digital-First Marketing Approach?

1 min read

Today’s marketing world is noisy, with most leads touching at least 20 digital marketing tactics before revealing themselves. A combination of channels and tactics must be utilized together to make sure you are hitting your audience on all levels. Omni-channel marketing combines the same message, across multiple traditional and digital marketing channels, to transmit your […]