Josh Reynolds

Software Engineer

Research & Efficacy Team

Joshua Reynolds is a part of the Research & Efficacy Team at Cisco Systems that assists in increasing the efficacy of the AMP for Endpoints and AMP ThreatGrid product lines through a number of development efforts.

Joshua joined Cisco through the Sourcefire, Inc. acquisition by Cisco Systems where he performed quality assurance for the AMP for Endpoints product line.

Prior to joining Sourcefire, Joshua was a System Administrator at the Calgary based consulting company Graycon Group LTD, and interned at Red Hat Asia Pacific’s Penetration Testing team while finishing his Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology at Griffith University in Australia.

Joshua also holds a diploma of Information Technology from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology where he graduated with honors.


September 13, 2016


H1N1: Technical analysis reveals new capabilities

7 min read

This blog is the first in a 3 part series that will provide an in-depth technical analysis on the H1N1 malware. I’ll be looking at how H1N1 has evolved, its obfuscation, analyzing its execution including new information stealing and user account control bypass capabilities, and finally exploring how we are both using and influencing security tools […]

August 17, 2016


CryptXXX Technical Deep Dive

10 min read

0.0 Introduction: In our previous post we discussed the AMP ThreatGrid Research and Efficacy Team’s continuous support for Ransomware attack vectors, generic behavior detection of un-discovered variants, and the creation of behavioral indicators once new variants are identified. In this post we’ll be discussing one of the more prevalent variants to surface in the wake […]