Jerome J. Sanders

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Emerging Technologies

Outshift by Cisco

Jerome J. Sanders embodies the dynamic essence of an intrapreneur at Cisco, driving innovation within the Outshift—the incubation hub shaping Cisco’s entrepreneurial culture for what’s next and new. As a Senior Product Marketing Manager, Jerome leads a visionary team pioneering thought leadership in transformative domains: Cloud Native Application Security, Trustworthy AI, Responsible AI, Generative AI, and Quantum Networking and Security. His role extends as a trusted advisor to the Outshift Senior Leadership Team, crafting strategic Executive Communications initiatives for the Senior Vice President of Outshift, wielding profound influence, strategic acumen, and communications expertise at the intersection of business, engineering, and culture. Formerly, Jerome excelled as a Global Communications Manager, orchestrating a data-driven digital and innovation content strategy that resonated across 80,000 Cisco employees. In Cisco’s Infrastructure Digital Solutions Marketing, he fortified Cisco’s market presence through astute product development, omnichannel marketing, and agile go-to-market strategies. Beyond his corporate prowess, Jerome epitomizes a fervent commitment to public service. Chairing the First Tech Fund—a New York-based 501c3 nonprofit—he championed 310 underserved students, bridging the digital divide and nurturing educational progress within the community for over three years. His dedication extends as a United Nations Global Compact Young Sustainable Development Goal Innovator, dedicated to connecting the next billion internet users by 2030. Jerome’s aspirations transcend conventional boundaries. A Santa Clara University alumnus, he envisions a legacy where business and technology converge as an equalizer to mitigate the menacing implications of the digital divide, fostering a future where no individual is left behind. Whether shaping transformative narratives or reveling in international travels and Ironman competitions, Jerome embodies a vibrant zest for life, residing in Cary, North Carolina, at the nexus of innovation and social change in the Research Triangle Park.


January 30, 2024


Beyond the Race: An Ironman Journey of Endurance, Inclusion, and Growth

4 min read

See what Senior Product Marketing Manager Jerome S. and Chief of Staff Maia M. learned when they bonded over shared passions, taking on the challenge of the Ironman.