Network engineers are tasked with deploying, operating, and monitoring the network as efficiently, securely, and reliably as possible.

As the complexity, scale, and security demands of the network increase, there is greater pressure on network engineers to reduce time to implement and minimize the risk of changes.

To help network engineers address this challenge, Cisco has published a new book titled, “IOS XE Programmability – Automating Device Lifecycle Management.”

This book covers automating device onboarding, configuration, monitoring, and optimization; and outlines the general concepts of programmability supported by IOS XE. It also addresses the various operational approaches to integrate a network element programmatically using controllers, DevOps tools, and direct connection to devices.

Network Device Lifecycle Management

Network Device Lifecycle Management

If you’re new to network programmability, this book is for you.

While many books on programmability assume the reader has a background in software development, and understands fundamental concepts about how software is built, this book does not make these assumptions. Instead, it is written for network engineers who are new to programmability and wish to understand the basic concepts before moving on to advanced topics. For engineers with some programmability experience, this book will summarize the specific capabilities of IOS XE.

Electronic copies of IOS XE Programmability are available here.

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