Hart Hoover

Hart Hoover is an OpenStack User Advocate at Cisco. Hoover started his career at Rackspace in 2007 as a Linux Systems Administrator, moving to the cloud to help create their Managed Cloud offering in 2009. He has been an advocate for the open source community, contributing to multiple open source projects. He is also the organizer of the San Antonio DevOps meetup and loves tacos and coffee. You can follow him on Twitter at @hhoover.


July 22, 2015


Curation-as-a-Service: OpenStack’s greatest offer is sometimes what it doesn’t offer

This blog post is written, partly, in response to a post on techreplublic.com titled “Marketing OpenStack’s Progress: Now ‘It actually works’” by Matt Asay Admittedly, I wasn’t at the OpenStack Summit in which Randy Bias declared in his State of the Stack talk that “OpenStack is at risk of collapsing under its own weight,” but I’m familiar […]