Eric Marin


Borderless Network Architecture, EMEAR

Eric has held various management positions in the IT industry.
In his different tenures, he always sought to position solutions and technologies to his customers in ways that would allow them to better achieve their business objectives with cost and operational constraints in mind.

Today, he is working at Cisco Systems, as Borderless Network CTO, EMEAR. In his role, and together with his teams of industry experts, he aims at fostering and accelerating the market adoption of Cisco’s innovations in networking, cloud and security.

Eric also graduated from the Essec Executive MBA in France in 2007.

His current mission is to help Cisco customers and partners navigating the current IT storm.
Industry Megatrends (Cloud, SDN, Video, IPv6, BYOD, Wired/Wireless convergence, …) are having a profound impact on the relevance of IT representing both great opportunities for businesses to be more agile and significant risks.

·      How do enterprises adapt to these megatrends and make the right technologies choice?
·      What do you need to know about the new requirements and constraints that the megatrends are imposing on network infrastructures?
·      What key technologies are emerging and will be available in the next 12-24 months which can help you cope with the IT shifts occurring now
Those are the questions we will address in a series of posts “Infrastructure for Megatrends”



April 4, 2013


Using TrustSec to simplify Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) deployment

3 min read

We recently discussed the perfect IT storm that is currently brewing in business. BYOD, Unified Access, Video, the Many Clouds, SDN… all happening at once, on current infrastructure, and yet demanding more. Some of the comments you made further emphasized the need to have an architectural approach. VXI/VDI deployments are no exception. Discussing VDI deployments […]

March 21, 2013


Infrastructure for Megatrends

2 min read

In my job as Cisco’s Field & Sales CTO for Borderless Networks in the Cisco EMEAR Theatre, I have the privilege of working directly with many Cisco customers and partners. The majority of these folks are what you’d call “Technical Decision Makers” and CTOs. They’re the IT leaders who do the planning, the strategy, and […]

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