Daniel Sullivan

Director, Global Campaign & Audience Strategy

Global Marketing

Daniel Sullivan (He/Him) is the global Director for Campaign & Audience Strategy within Cisco's Marketing Campaign, Content & Industry organization (CCI). In this current role, he is responsible to lead cross campaign strategy including strategic planning, cross functional interlock and align, campaign prioritization and additional key initiatives to drive consistency across the campaigns. From the audience perspective, Daniel with many other audience marketers is leading Cisco Marketing from a content led working model to audience led. Since joining Cisco in 2012, Daniel has excelled in various marketing roles, showcasing his expertise in regional partner marketing, strategy & planning, and most recently, leading the AppDynamics Americas Field and Partnering organization. Beyond his professional achievements, Daniel is a passionate advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and mental health. He dedicates his time as a volunteer LGBTQ+ Crisis Counselor for The Trevor Project Lifeline, a prominent U.S. organization focused on crisis and suicide prevention among LGBTQ+ youth. Daniel's commitment to supporting distressed individuals in the community reflects his genuine compassion and dedication to making a positive impact. Originally from Canada, Daniel now splits his time between South Beach, Miami, and New York, NY, embracing the vibrant cultures of both cities. He is an avid food enthusiast and loves exploring different cuisines from around the world. In his pursuit of adventure, Daniel enjoys traveling and immersing himself in diverse cultures and experiences.


June 7, 2022


When Giving Back, Gives Back to You

3 min read

Daniel S. is an AppDynamics Marketing Director, volunteering with The Trevor Project as a meaningful way to give back to his LGBTQ+ community but finds that Time2Give gives back to him, too.

May 13, 2021


Becoming Future Ready with Marketing Velocity

3 min read

As we begin to emerge from the global pandemic and head into what is predicted as one of the biggest economic recoveries in history, there is no single “new normal” that will emerge as different markets recover at different speeds and in different capacities. What is certain, is that partners need to be prepared to meet the needs of customers, whatever they may be.

December 8, 2020


Marketing Velocity: When plans change, agility becomes our strength

3 min read

Daniel Sullivan takes a look at the highlights from the recent Marketing Velocity broadcast, where we looked at how Cisco partners can help our customers build business resiliency and transition into the future of work.