Antonella Corno

Senior manager of product strategy, Learning@Cisco


Antonella Corno is the senior manager of product strategy at Learning@Cisco. She actively manages the development of the learning portfolio, overseeing a team that translates information from hardware and software developers to architects of technology training and certification. After spending more than two decades across two continents working in technology research and development for leading Information Technology (IT) firms, Antonella understands the challenges that individuals face when entering, training and updating skills in the IT industry. Antonella works tirelessly to build frameworks for these individuals to enable the learning process.

Antonella is a CCIE Emeritus, has spoken at several international conferences, and holds multiple international patents.


February 1, 2017


Cloud’s Challenges and Opportunities for IT Pros

3 min read

A recent IDC FutureScape on the future of the cloud market forecasts that 65 percent of organizations’ IT assets will be offsite, in co-located, hosting and cloud data centers by 2018. One-third of IT staff will be working at third-party service providers.

August 27, 2015


New IT Career Strategies for a Dynamic Technology Ecosystem

2 min read

Skills such as IT management and software development have become intricately interconnected as new digital architectures enable new technologies. As a result, tech companies are innovating increasingly advanced and sophisticated solutions to meet the demands of a services-rich environment. Collaboration environments, rich media and cloud services delivery models are examples of the many new drivers […]

June 2, 2015


Meeting the demand for Cloud technology skills

1 min read

What makes the cloud such an attractive option for enterprises? The cloud empowers IT to act as a broker of business critical IT services. It helps the organization become a...