What makes the cloud such an attractive option for enterprises? The cloud empowers IT to act as a broker of business critical IT services. It helps the organization become a more proactive player that can aggregate, integrate, and customize the delivery of cloud services to meet specific business needs. Instead of working in a technology vacuum or owning the entire IT value chain, IT can make build or buy decisions in the context of IT services sourcing recommendations. Meet critical business objectives

Businesses in every industry are rapidly embracing the cloud. They want the agility, security, and performance that cloud technology delivers. And they want the flexibility to deploy their choice of workloads securely to the cloud. This growing demand for cloud services is creating new opportunities for cloud providers and driving new job roles and responsibilities.

Analysts predict that there will be 7 million new cloud-related jobs worldwide. To help individuals prepare for changes within the IT organization, Learning@Cisco is introducing the cloud certification track to its industry leading CCNA and CCNP portfolios.  The new Cloud Certifications enable professionals to build private and hybrid cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service.

hybrid cloud strategy

The Cloud is now an integral part of the enterprise, and great opportunities exist for IT pros who are willing to invest in their careers.

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Antonella Corno

Senior manager of product strategy, Learning@Cisco