80% of the Cisco Store’s merchandise powers an inclusive future for all — but what does that mean?

What’s new at the Cisco Store?

The Cisco Store has just launched a brand-new Spring 2024 Lookbook per region (AMER, EMEA, and APJC). In these quarterly lookbooks, we will delve further into how our merchandise powers an inclusive future, as well as our latest collections, curated style guides by our very own Cisco Store staff, and what’s trending every season.

Welcome to the Cisco Store Tech Lab

You can get to learn a bit more about the Cisco Store Tech Lab in every lookbook. The Tech Lab is a real retail environment powered by Cisco and Cisco partner technology: our collaborators can deploy their products in our stores to gather learnings and advance their products. The Tech Lab allows us to show customers where Cisco’s heading and what’s available now.

Every quarter, we will highlight a new set of technology (including the latest releases) revolving around relevant themes in the retail industry, such as sustainability and AI. Get a closer look into product use cases, demo videos, and more.

The Cisco Store is always bringing in new products and ideas, and our lookbook will be a key way for customers and employees to keep up with all our updates. To be notified of upcoming lookbook launches and to stay in the loop of what’s going on at the Cisco Store, be sure to subscribe to our mailing list at merchandise.cisco.com.

Check out the Spring 2024 Lookbook for your region!





Anjana Iyer

Product Marketing and Analytics Specialist

Cisco Store